Fri. 29 Dec. 2023 - Sun. 7 Jan. 2024



Where do I go to buy tickets for the event?
United Cup Sydney tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster.

Tickets conditions of sale and entry
All United Cup 2024 tickets are subject to the Tickets Conditions of Sale and Entry.

How do I purchase accessible seating tickets?
There are three ways to purchase accessible seating:

  • Via the Ticketmaster website: Wheelchair and accompanying seats (either as paid tickets or with a Companion Card) can be purchased via Ticketmaster website. In the seat selection page, please use the ‘View only Accessible Tickets’ toggle or the ‘Ticket type’ filter to view available accessibility seating options.
  • Ticketmaster phone line 1300 446 925, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm (AEDT).
  • Submit an Accessibility form online.

  • What is the concession policy?
    All patrons aged 15 years old and over must have the appropriate form of concession to purchase a concession reserved seat ticket. They must present the relevant concession documentation at the point of purchase and upon entry into the event.

    The following are accepted forms of concession for the purchase of tickets:

    • Student Cards: Full-time secondary students, full-time tertiary students;
    • Pensioner Concession Card: Aged (AGE), Bereavement Allowance (BVA), Carer (CAR), Aged Blind (AGE BLIND), Parenting Payment (single) (PPS), Disability Support Pension (DSP), Disability Support Blind (DSP Blind), Partner Allowance (PTA), Sickness Allowance (SAL), Special Benefit (SPL), Widow Allowance (WDA), Widow Pension (WID), Wife Pension (WFA/WFD/WFW), Newstart Allowance over 60 years, (NSW/NMA) Mature Age Allowance (MAA), Mature Age Partner Allowance (MPA), Newstart Allowance (NSA), Parenting Payment (PPP/PPS);
    • Veteran Affairs and TPI;
    • Health Care Cards: Exceptional Circumstances Relief (DR), Sickness Allowance (SA), Special Benefit (SL), Farm Help Income Support (FFR), Newstart Allowance (NS), Youth Allowance (YA), Newstart Mature Age Allowance (NMA), Parenting Payment (single) (PPS), Low Income (LI), Carer Allowance (CD), Partner Allowance (PA), Mobility Allowance (MO), and Widow Assistance (FA), Family Assistance (FA), Child Disability Allowance (CDA); and
    • Personal Treatment Entitlement Card: Must be current.

    Can I transfer or change my booking to another session if I change my mind?
    Bookings cannot be changed to another session after purchase.

    Will there be children’s tickets available to purchase?
    Children aged 3-14 as at the date a ticket is presented for entry at the event may purchase a Kids Ticket. Children aged 2 and under as at the date a ticket is presented for entry at the Event may enter at no charge, provided they do not occupy a reserved seat.

    How do I contact customer support?
    If you have any queries, contact TA Customer Service by email at [email protected] or call 1800 752 983.


    I want to see a particular player in action. When are they playing?
    The United Cup group stages will run in Sydney from the 30 December 2023 – 7 January 2024. A full schedule can be found here.

    How many matches are played in each session?
    There are day sessions and night sessions. Each tie will consist of two singles matches, and one mixed doubles match.

    What do I do if I lose my belongings onsite?
    All lost property will be stored at the Information Booth on the day it is handed in. The event can be contacted at [email protected] to claim lost property on subsequent days or post-event. Lost property is held for 1 month after the conclusion of the event, when it is then donated to charity or disposed of.

    Is smoking/vaping allowed onsite?
    Ken Rosewell Arena is a non-smoking venue, including e-cigarettes and vapes. There are limited designated smoking areas available outside the venue.

    Are there parent rooms available?
    The parent rooms are located at Gates A, F, G, M of Ken Rosewall Arena in the accessible toilets.

    Are there ATMs/EFTPOS facilities available?
    All catering and ticketing outlets on site accept EFTPOS. The 2024 United Cup Sydney is a cashless event.

    Can I access free public Wi-Fi while on site?
    There is currently no public Wi-Fi available at Ken Rosewell Arena.

    Where are the accessible bathrooms onsite?
    The accessible toilets are located at Gates A, F, G, M of Ken Rosewall Arena.

    Is there cloaking or lockers available onsite?
    Cloaking will not be available at Ken Rosewall Arena. Please review what you can and can’t bring on site before you arrive.

    Can I bring a camera to the event?
    Cameras are permitted, as long as their focal length is less than 200mm. No video cameras or handy cams are permitted (refer prohibited items list).
    Images of the United Cup Sydney taken with a camera, mobile phone, or other wireless device cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes. You cannot sell, license, publish or otherwise commercially exploit photographs. Flash photography is not permitted in seating areas. Publishing video footage is forbidden.

    What can/can’t I bring onsite?
    For the comfort and safety of patrons and players, the following items are NOT permitted in the Event without the express authorisation of TA:

    • alcohol
    • large bags, including suitcases
    • tennis racquets, beach balls or other inflatable devices, frisbees, helium balloons
    • camera tripods, monopods, telephoto camera lenses with a focal length capacity greater than 200mm
    • video cameras or handy-cams
    • audio recorders
    • any other devices used for recording or transmitting scoring data or other statistical information for commercial purposes (including sports betting)
    • eskies, hampers, large containers in excess of 1.5 litres
    • glass (including bottles), cans, ceramic and breakable containers;
    • flags, banners, signs larger than 180cm by 90cm in size or with handles longer than 50cm
    • animals other than animals recognised as assistance animals under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    • chairs and stools
    • musical instruments, whistles, loud hailers, amplification equipment
    • unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), flares, fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs and laser pointers
    • bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates
    • unauthorised promotional, commercial, political, religious or offensive items of whatever nature including clothing, flags, banners, signs, symbols, leaflets, stickers or flyers
    • any other dangerous item or good, substance, weapon, including knives.

    The following items are permitted, however such items are subject to security check on arrival at the Event and must be presented for security approval. TA, SOPA and ASM Global, as applicable, maintain the right to prohibit any of the below items as deemed necessary for the safety and comfort of others:

    • small bags, including handbags;
    • non-alcoholic beverages or drink bottles in plastic;
    • food, in permissible packaging, including baby food;
    • plastic or paper cutlery only;
    • deodorant and perfume;
    • medicine;
    • selfie sticks; and
    • umbrellas.

    A full list of prohibited items can be found here.


    Is there first aid onsite?
    First Aid will be available on site, located near Gate F of Ken Rosewall Arena. All staff and volunteers are able to contact first aid to respond if required.

    What safety measures are in place?
    Tennis Australia and the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre take the safety and security of all guests at our events very seriously. As such, you will be subjected to security checks upon entry to the precinct and will be asked to comply with the direction of security guards, staff and the NSW Police when on site if required.

    How do I report and issue or disturbance during the event?
    Security guards, event staff and NSW Police are posted all around the precinct during the event and are well equipped to respond to any reports of issues or disturbances. All reports are taken seriously and will be acted upon promptly.